Conditions de vente

La forge de Petit Bersac

La Forge de Petit-Bersac reserves the right to refuse access to the forge due to dangerous comportment or behaviour (intoxication, aggression etc.).

Date and time

Once the cours is fixed, the client has the right to change the course date for a fee of 35€. The course date can only be changed up to two weeks before the due date. We ask all participants to arrive to their course in good time, or otherwise inform us in case of delay.


Appropriate safety equipment will be provided and must be worn when indicated. Safety and other personal equipment will be provided if necessary. Keep in mind that there is a certain risk of getting burn wounds, impact wounds and other injuries.


For safety reasons it is forbidden to wear clothes with artificial fibres in the forge or in the workshop. Only clothes with natural fibres (underwear excluded) like cotton, wool, hemp, leather etc. are permitted. We advise to wear practical work clothes given the nature of this kind of work which can be abrasive, dirty etc.

Medical conditions

We ask all participants to tell us about their medical conditions that might influence, hinder or constrain your participation. This also applies to allergies or intolerances to animals, food or other.


Please make sure you have a valid liability insurance and a valid accident insurance. We refuse all civil responsibility for people without insurance cover.


Vouchers are valid for six months from the date indicated on the voucher. Vouchers can not be exchanged or refunded. The voucher owner on the other hand can be replaced in case of unavailability. In this case, all agreements and dates apply to the new participant.

Payment methods

We accept bank transfer, cash and card payment: All cards are accepted. Mobile payment via Bluetooth is possible with iOS / Android smartphones and tablets.